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About us

Welcome to our online store!

Our company was founded in 1967. From the beginning we have been working in manufacturing and selling of artistic and folk handicraft. For 35 years our company has been providing high quality products for the Cloth Hall of Cracow, nationwide Cepelia stores network, and for many customers, in Poland and other european countries (Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Belgium, Norway), in Northern America (Canada, USA), and in Asia (Japan).

[The Cloth Hall]

Since 1994, the principal activity of the company has been our store at the Cloth Hall. This is where we learnt that our products are appreciated by clients from all over the world, Poland and Cracow itself.

I'm glad that now you can also visit our store on Internet. I'm convinced that the online shopping accompanied by our mail delivery service will be a comfortable way to visit us.

We wish you succesful shopping!

Stanislaw Zyrkowski

[Owner's Signature]